Managing client programming is critical to achieving reduced recidivism and other positive outcomes. Vant4gePoint’s case planning module helps you establish goals and objectives based on client assessments, and our Treatment Pathways tool matches those needs and goals with the appropriate programming interventions available in your community. Vant4gePoint also provides a system for tracking client participation in programming so you know the degree to which clients are participating in program components, allowing you to easily track case plan progress.

If your agency chooses to connect clients to the system through our client portal, Treatment Pathways recommendations can also include digital programming.

Vant4ge’s Learning Management System (LMS) can be accessed anywhere through Vant4gePoint, the Provider Portal and Evolve. For clients, the LMS provides access to an extensive array of learning resources in a variety of formats, including self-paced content for:

  • High school diploma
  • Literacy support
  • Employment readiness
  • Job searching
  • Mental health support
  • Alcohol and drug resistance education
  • Social skills

The LMS also supports content targeting client criminogenic needs, and customized content for your population. Digital programming can replace traditionally-delivered content or it can supplement it, increasing dosage and providing access to additional learning resources.

An Innovative Training Tool for Staff

For employees and providers, the LMS is a platform for training, accessible anytime, anywhere. Self-paced modules can help them maintain or increase their skills in many areas, from assessment administration to evidence-based practices. Vant4ge’s training and adult learning experts can even develop custom content to provide supplemental information about your agency’s policies and procedures.