Our system works with your jurisdiction’s existing assessment or you can take the next step to implement the most predictive assessments available in the criminal justice field.

Vant4ge has made a major breakthrough in the world of risk-needs-responsivity assessments. Our assessments not only classify the type of risk levels of offenders (high, moderate, and low), but they can also be customized to predict a full spectrum of offender behaviors, from technical violations to extremely violent offenses. These include risk levels by category (violence, property, and drug) as well as the criminally diverse, those with high risk in multiple categories.

And better data leads to better decisions.

Vant4ge assessment features:

  • – Customized using local data for each jurisdiction
  • – Acts as a fully-dynamic risk and needs assessment suite
  • – Complete integration with any offender management system
  • – Robust Business Intelligence platform with advanced ad hoc reporting
  • – Tailor-made case planning / management module
  • – Integration with local data system(s) using standardized API’s to save time and increase accuracy
  • – Pre-Sentence Intake (PSI) reporting component
  • – Criminal Conviction record integration
  • – Reporting suite for risks, needs, demographics, etc.


You are not alone
Vant4ge’s assessment tools have been used successfully in 100 jurisdictions nationwide, including implementations for entire states as well as smaller jurisdictions. Our deep experience helps you get the information you need when you need it.


(STRONG-R) is a comprehensive Fourth Generation Risk Needs Responsivity (RNR) assessment instrument for adults. It is strongly validated, gender-specific, and identifies the individual’s risk of re-offense to include those who are at High Risk for Violence, Property Crimes or Drug-related crimes, general felony offense, or any felony or misdemeanor offense. It can also be customized to fit your jurisdiction’s needs.

The STRONG-R is the most predictive adult assessment in the criminal justice field.

Learn more about the features of the STRONG-R.


The Modified Positive Achievement Change Tool (M-PACT), available only through Vant4ge, is the most predictive assessment for juveniles available on the market. The M-PACT is an empirically based, fully scalable risk and needs assessment system which assesses a youth’s level of risk to reoffend at various points in the criminal justice system and prioritizes his/her criminogenic needs to maximize the effectiveness of case management and programming.

Learn about the features of this fourth-generation Risk-Need-Responsivity Assessment system.


RPACT is designed for youth in residential settings, from short-term detention to long-term placement, and is designed to assess a youth’s level of risk to reoffend and criminogenic needs as they are presented in a residential environment.


At the center of it all, Vant4gePoint brings together all these tools, and more, to improve juvenile and adult criminal justice practices. See how it all works.