How it Works

Vant4ge experts work closely with organizations to collect all relevant policies, procedures and data sources, analyzing and integrating it into a clear and crisp picture of what’s really happening.

Vant4gePoint is the digital platform that weaves throughout your data sources, standardizing the information, so that you no longer have to sift through multiple systems of inconsistent data. Then, it uses that standardized data to recommend solutions that align with your agency’s goals.

We help you engage with your data to implement smart solutions in 4 comprehensive steps


Aggregate is both a noun and a verb meaning “to form something from several, typically disparate, elements”.

Currently, your data is stored in several different places (think OMS, EHR, ID bracelets, databases, etc). All this redundant information can cause costly mistakes and oversights. When we aggregate all of your data, mapping the pieces together, we store it in a centralized location to create an accurate, whole, picture in real-time.

By normalizing and aggregating all your data from every source, we establish the source of truth for each data point and eliminate expensive problems.


Now that everything is centralized and defined, we display it on our modern intuitive interface designed for tracking, forecasting, and viewing your data.

Our software helps you make your most important decisions smarter, and faster. Highlighting insights relevant to your valued decisions, we present the information.

Through AI and automation, your data is leveraged to recommend intelligent solutions. Decision recommendations are automatic and configurable. You are able to automate and simplify any workflow as you assess and classify individuals, participate in case planning, and process subjects for intake and reentry. Imagine simpler workflows, efficient communication, and automatic processes.


The future is in your hands with the help of AI and automated workflows.
Users can implement recommended solutions and set goals to determine future recommendations.

Armed with greater knowledge and insight, you will improve the safety and efficiency of your agency. Acting on a recommendation from our system can refire our AI to create even more recommendations tailored to your individual or systemic needs.


The final step in ensuring the long-term success and safety of your operation is to measure the effectiveness of the implemented solutions. Tracking outcomes across various fields to assess the results, we watch your agency’s activities unfold in our robust business intelligence solution.