No matter what system of record you use, Vant4gePoint integrates seamlessly.

Vant4gePoint is a digital intelligence platform that can consolidate your data, and leverage automation and AI to improve your operations and outcomes. Don’t leave the safety of your staff, clients, and your community to chance.

Vant4gePoint is the only customizable software platform of its kind that connects referring agencies, service providers, and clients in an online community of coordinated care.

Vant4gePoint allows you to manage services from intake through final disposition of the case for clients in prisons, jails, parole, probation, diversion, or other forms of supervision. Through Vant4gePoint, you and your partners can collect, manage, and exchange critical information in one platform, in real time.

While it was developed and tailored for the criminal justice field, Vant4gePoint also revolutionizes the provision and tracking of services for social services and a variety of other human service industries.

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A Data-Driven Path to Enhanced Safety.

  • Accounts Management

    Manage and organize data about those you serve individually and collectively with user-friendly dashboards.

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  • Criminal Conviction Record Management

    Manually add or integrate an offender’s criminal history into Vant4gePoint to generate a complete, validated criminal history that can be used in automation throughout the system.

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  • Assessments Management

    Access our comprehensive library of assessments, including our highly predictive STRONG-R and M-PACT assessments. Our platform provides an assortment of tools for all phases of case management, ensuring accurate and comprehensive reports.

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  • Classification Management

    Measure and track dynamic positive and negative events, including risk levels, misconduct, security concerns, completion of programs and courses, and more. This enables a faster reclassification and step-down process, reducing idle time and program waiting time.

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  • Supervision Level Management

    Based on risk and needs assessments and other client data, the system recommends appropriate supervision levels. Users have the flexibility to accept or override these recommendations based on other relevant criteria. A complete history of all supervision changes is available.

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  • Case Management

    Effortlessly manage data for those you serve. Our assessment-driven platform collects validated results from multiple sources to automatically create custom case plans with tailored programming and goals.

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  • Program Management

    Utilize artificial intelligence to match individuals with the most suitable programs. Our proprietary system utilizes assigned attributes to ensure the best fit, including self-paced, digitally-delivered programming.

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  • Communications

    Stay informed with a bulletin for case managers to receive system notifications and communicate with colleagues and clients in a chat-type environment. This feature also allows for video chat and document attachments.

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  • Document Upload

    Easily upload and download client-related documents. A variety of file types can be uploaded and viewed, and documents can be shared with colleagues when necessary.

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  • Referral Management

    Generate and manage programming and provider referrals from a single source on our platform.

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  • Workflow Management

    Streamline workflows and automate processes for increased efficiency.

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  • Business Intelligence

    Gain a comprehensive overview of your data to identify trends and highlight issues or success metrics for key operations and outcomes.

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  • Evolve/Client Portal

    Empower subjects to engage in their own rehabilitation through our client portal. They can access assessments, complete digital check-ins, communicate directly with their probation officer, access digital programs, and manage tasks.

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  • Quality Assurance Framework

    Evaluate the efficacy of staff training by testing consistency in assessment completion. Identify any issues with training, user guides, or the assessment interview process that could cause discrepancies.

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Vant4gePoint is an Online Community of Coordinated Care

An automated, web-based system that applies best practice principles.

Only Vant4gePoint brings together the timely and relevant collection, management and exchange of critical assessment, intervention, referral, and treatment progress/completion information in one place, creating a virtual care group to support client success.

It’s about changing lives for the better.

Vant4gePoint is designed to improve lives…whether an offender, a provider, or society in general. Let our team show your staff just how easy the system is to use, and how quickly it can deliver results for your organization.