Are you satisfied with standard probation and parole subject management?
Or do you need better supervision, more successful rehabilitation,
and safer communities?

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Successful agencies are able to adapt no matter how the circumstances may change. To do this, they need effective tools that allow officers to stay connected to their clients in the community—no matter what the situation. With Evolve, agencies and officers have many options to monitor their clients, stay connected, save time and money, track compliance, and support treatment.

The bottom line? Management costs less and achieves more.

What Is Evolve For?

Evolve is a streamlined, secure platform that simplifies communication and recordkeeping for your case managers while giving clients everything they need to stay on track. Evolve is there for you every step of the way, from intake to community support.

  • Integration

    Both Vant4gePoint™ and Evolve can be integrated with your current system of record, streamlining the flow of data and requiring it to be entered only once in the system.

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    Our robust integration offerings include: • JIT (just in time), our ability to gather information at the time it is needed from department data sources through REST API’s • SIT (system integration) where the DOC IT staff can develop into our platform using deep levels of integration • Our Middleware platform where we can map our JIT or SIT APIs to existing state web services / APIs

  • Digital Check-Ins

    Coordinate scheduled and impromptu check-ins with clients. With a click of a button, clients can let their case managers know where they are through GPS location and upload time-based photos.

    Digital Check-Ins

  • Communication Center

    A client’s care group of agency staff, community providers, outside vendors, judicial personnel, and family members work as a coordinated team. Clients can connect with this team through any internet-connected computer or device right in their hands.

    Communication Center

  • Video Calls

    Engage your clients on a new level. Video calls sync with your calendar system and deliver streamlined, enterprise-grade video conferencing from desktop and mobile.

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    Video Calls

    • Secure peer-to-peer • Group rooms • Screen sharing & co-browsing • Recordings

  • Self-Assessments

    Throughout their rehabilitation process, self-assessments can be assigned to the clients to help case managers gain insights on their needs and risks.

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    • Provide accurate diagnosis • Define rehabilitation paths • Alert staff to security issues • Minimize staff needed for proctoring intake gathering • Reduce overall costs

  • Resource Center

    Clients can have access to a searchable, filterable catalog of available resources in the community, by intervention or service type, geography, zip code, and other categories. Virtually connects officers and clients with all available services and resources, from anywhere.

    Resource Center

  • Collaborative Case Planning

    Our assessment-driven platform collects validated results from multiple sources to automatically create customized case plans with tailored programming and prescriptions. Clients can monitor their own progress, and case managers can manage their caseloads and care groups.

    Collaborative Case Planning

  • Digital Programming

    Allow offenders to interact directly with their own case planning and guide them out of the system. Our LMS offers more than 65,000 pieces of credentialed content, including 7,000 instructional videos for cognitive behavior, life skills, vocations, and education. Certifications of those programs can be viewed and presented as proof of their progress.

    Digital Programming

  • Calendaring

    Help the client stay organized. Allow them to manage scheduled appointments, classes, and check-ins.



Who Can Use Evolve?

Agencies, officers, and offenders all work together on Evolve as the offenders go through the system. When the entire care group can connect and work toward common goals, the results are better every time.

The Vant4ge Difference

Vant4ge delivers validated tools for every phase of the Rehabilitative Life Cycle. With deep industry experience, we bring evidence-based frameworks, cutting-edge technology, and predictive analytics to create solutions tailor-made for your organization—for better outcomes.

95% of people in correctional care will return to the community.
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