Vant4gePoint Evolve

Finally, a real-time mobile supervision solution. Vant4gePoint Evolve brings an online community of coordinated care to your client wherever he is, at any time.

Connect your clients to the case management and supervision process through any internet-connected computer, smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

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Evolve connects all participants in the rehabilitation process in a new way, achieving better results.

  • Supervisors and case managers are connected to community providers and clients at any time through any internet connected computer, smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.
  • Clients are more effectively connected to community service providers.
  • Clients are connected 24/7 to digital programming that targets their specific criminogenic needs.

Evolve’s innovative platform promotes program progress and completion by overcoming obstacles like lack of transportation, non-traditional employment schedules, and lack of local community support services.

Communicating with clients has never been easier.

  • Send pre-programmed or manually entered messages and notifications to clients.
  • Choose the type of message that works best – email, text, or push notification – all sent through a secure system.
  • Schedule reminders about meetings, class sessions, digital programs, status toward the achievement of goals, and more.
  • Send mini-quizzes or status checks to clients and receive their responses immediately.
  • Receive notifications when clients have read your messages.

Evolve even shows clients the status of their completion of digital programs and requirements, reminding them of what they need to do and empowering them to assume ownership of their own rehabilitation.

Communications tools extend to collaborative communication with service providers, too.

The seamless collaboration available through Vant4gePoint expands its reach through Evolve.

  • Schedule appointments for clients with service providers that appear automatically on the client’s calendar through Evolve.
  • Share your client’s case plan with the client and selected service providers and collaborate on progress.
  • Administer your own pre-programmed or locally-developed assessments or your service providers’ assessments through Evolve.

It’s about changing lives for the better.

Evolve makes supervision easier for you and success more likely for your clients. Let us show you how easy it is to use and how it can change lives in your community.