As growing numbers of workers across the country respond to the coronavirus pandemic, correctional agencies face a number of new challenges. With conditions changing on a daily basis, how can you manage your caseload securely and efficiently? With 20 years of experience in using technology to solve problems, Vant4ge is here to help. 

Empower Your Team in the Field and at Home

Many agencies are making the shift to working from home or remotely in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. In addition, agencies are grappling with how to keep their teams and their subjects safe during this increasingly unpredictable time.

Officers and case managers are navigating communication challenges, security concerns, travel restrictions, and subjects who are facing an uncertain future. At Vant4ge, we understand this struggle better than most, and our platforms can easily meet these challenges. With the right tools from Vant4ge, anyone can work remotely just as efficiently as they can from the office, while saving you time and continuing to give subjects the help they need.

Find Better Ways to Communicate

Officers and case managers can’t do their jobs without frequent communication. Phone calls and Zoom meetings may help bridge the gap, but they don’t meet criminal justice requirements for flexibility, security, confidentiality, and data tracking.

Vant4ge offers a digital platform that can make all the difference. Evolve™ is a real-time mobile supervision solution. This powerful platform can foster a new line of communication from anywhere, at any time. With Evolve,™ case managers can actively communicate with subjects and keep a record of all conversations. Each message is tracked including the date, time, and geolocation of the subject when they respond through the platform. And if you need video conferencing, Evolve™ can do that too, with the added bonus of location-based tracking. 

Evolve™ can also deliver notifications and reminders of progress based on a subject’s actions, deliver positive reinforcement as the subject progresses, and offer self-assessments. Overall, Evolve makes supervision easier for everyone involved, and while that’s essential in a crisis, you’ll find that it’s also invaluable in your day-to-day job. 

Use Digital Programming

Evolve™ offers a great way to keep subjects on track with rehabilitation: digital programming. Even if subjects are isolated, they only need an internet-connected computer or mobile device to continue programming for their specific needs. 

With Evolve,™you can assign digital programming without any need to meet in person. Digital programming offers all the same advantages as in-person classes, leading to fully developed rehabilitation and reduced recidivism. These services are incredibly helpful for subjects who have difficulty arranging travel, especially during a pandemic. 

Take Advantage of Assessments

Overcrowding of prisons and jails has long been a problem in corrections, but in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem has become potentially lethal. Many agencies across the country are trying to decide which subjects should be released in order to decrease the spread of coronavirus. 

Validated, evidence-based risk assessments help ensure that agencies make the right choices when releasing subjects. Vant4ge offers a library of validated, predictive tools agencies can use to make careful decisions, and predict a full spectrum of offender behaviors, from technical violations to extremely violent offenses. If you can choose to release your lowest-risk offenders, you can help keep your community safe in more ways than one. 

Better data leads to better decisions, and that’s exactly what your agency needs during these unpredictable times. 

Protect Sensitive Information—No Matter Where You Are

When working remotely, it’s more important than ever to keep information secure. Outside of your traditional office setting, it’s easier for simple mistakes to lead to compromised security. Working with industry-adopted and validated software, such as Vant4gePoint,™ will ensure that client details and privileged information are only seen by the right people.

How can you tell if a platform is secure? Look at the credentials. Vant4gePoint™ is an offender management system deployed and managed in Microsoft’s Azure Government cloud, offering CJIS-conformant software that’s easy to use from any location. This platform makes security a priority, even when you can’t make it into the office. 

Just like Evolve,™ Vant4gePoint™ allows you to communicate with people in your caseload without ever meeting face to face. You can set up check-ins, manage case planning and digital programming, and send any kind of message you need—without ever leaving your home. And with the platform’s long-term integration capabilities, it’s easier than ever to integrate with your existing offender management systems. 


The coronavirus crisis is an unprecedented moment in history, and people from all industries are going to have to change their strategies if they want to succeed. If you have any questions about how  Evolve™ and Vant4gePoint™ can make a difference for your organization, just email us at or give us a call at 877-277-3778. Let’s work on solving your problems together.

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