Sean Hosman, on Saturday, August 12, 4:00pm
A journey of resilience, transformation, and innovation. Sean will share his story of triumph over adversity and the power of data-driven solutions in the correctional industry.
Many of you know Sean as the CEO of Vant4ge but his journey is more than just business success. He walked a path that led to unexpected challenges. But that experience ignited a fire within him to not only turn his life around but also revolutionize modern correctional technology systems.
During the keynote, he’ll dive into:
  • Personal journey of transformation from incarceration to leadership.
  • The game-changing role of technology and data in shaping the future of corrections.
Join us in exploring how data-driven insights can bring much-needed innovation to the correctional industry. We’ll discuss the incredible opportunities that lie ahead, from enhancing inmate rehabilitation programs to rethinking safety and security.

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