Vant4ge has recently partnered with the Utah based non-profit Persevere to bring rehabilitative programming to inmates currently serving out their sentences in various correctional settings across the United States.

Vant4ge provides a platform to correctional agencies called Vant4gePoint which enables agencies to assess and administer rehabilitative programming to offenders.  Vant4ge works with outside providers of programming services in allowing service providers a vehicle to manage their staff, programming assignment, assessment, and program status.  

Persevere offers vocational rehabilitation services to agencies needing to fulfill local and state requirements to ready inmates with skills needed for re-entry.  Persevere uniquely fulfills these requirements by operating a technology bootcamp which includes modern software development coding classes, business studies, and basic career skills.

Persevere has partnered with Vant4ge to build into their respective platforms a level of integration that enables Persevere staff to fulfil correctional agency requirements to track and report on the progress of offenders using Persevere Code Camp software.

Sean Hosman, CEO of Vant4ge,  said “I want to acknowledge both companies, and their partnership, and the growing value of it.  Vant4ge and Persevere have been and are working together, to make this all possible, from marketing, to proposals, to sales, to hiring and staffing, to software development, to IT infrastructure, to dev ops, to implementation, to company organization, back office, and leadership and management.”

Mr. Hosman went on to say, “It is important to acknowledge how similar we are.”  “Both of our organizations are made up of this strange collective of the people, experience, technology, hardships, leadership, failures, industry relationships, and a vision and commitment to make a real impact.”

The objective of bringing a combined offering to the correctional industry to utilize technology to more effectively deliver digital rehabilitative content by reducing complexity placed on users having to do redundant data entry when managing offenders in a correctional agency platform and separately in the platform used to deliver digital programming.

Tony Parker, Corrections Commissioner of Tennessee said in a recent tweet, TNTDOC’s Coding Program, Persevere, is delivering great results! Technical/Vocational skills training inside, transitional housing and quality jobs outside = positive results for everyone in Tennessee!

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