Many corrections agencies have made the decision to release a certain number of those incarcerated in order to lower the offender population and slow or stop the spread of coronavirus. The question is, which inmates are the safest to release?

Part of the answer is to rely on validated and predictive risk assessments. Good assessments can support release decisions by identifying those who represent the lowest risk of harm to the community, such as the risk for repeat offense or risk for violence.

Vant4ge has created, validated, and implemented these types of risk assessments for the corrections field for over 20 years. To help during this crisis, we are now offering these tools free of charge. Specifically, we are offering a comprehensive, secure, web-based portal—Vant4gePoint™ — available to all administrators and their staff, that contains validated assessment instruments, with automated scoring and reporting, and account, case, and data management.

Vant4gePoint™ tools will give critical insights into the risk levels of inmates, and help agencies find the lowest-risk offenders quickly, easily, and reliably. This removes the guesswork, mitigates liability, and increases public safety. By helping you respond to the pressure to release inmates early, we are hoping to support you in this time of crisis.

Each free account of Vant4gePoint™ will immediately have access to the Static Risk Assessment (SRA), an assessment already used in several US jurisdictions, to determine subjects’ risk to reoffend.

The Tools We’re Offering

Vant4ge’s Static Risk Assessment (SRA)  is an industry-proven risk assessment for adult offenders. It helps personnel predict recidivism by type of crime (violence, property, or drug offenses). This allows jail and prison administration to tailor the most effective decisions for each individual offender.

The SRA is a 26-question assessment of “static” factors and scores that determine future risks in three areas: felony, non-violent felony, and violent felony. These risk scores lead to the classification of offenders into one of five possible risk levels. Agencies can easily use this scoring system to identify the population of low-risk offenders that should be considered for early release during this crisis. 

This assessment is offered through a quickly accessible, secure, and easy-to-use web platform, Vant4gePoint.™ The evidence-based assessments from Vant4gePoint™ have been reducing recidivism across the country for more than 20 years. Vant4ge produces assessments that maintain the highest level of predictive validity available in the field. With Vant4gePoint,™ you can be confident that risk levels are accurate and your decisions will be effective.

Worried about security? We have you covered. Vant4gePoint™ is deployed and managed in Microsoft’s Azure Government cloud, offering CJIS-conformant software that’s easy to use from any location—an especially useful feature for those who are required to work from home during the pandemic.

What is the Impact?

With these proven tools, key decision-makers will be able to determine the lowest-risk populations. From that point, they can easily choose to release those who are most likely to successfully reintegrate into society, while posing a lower risk to community safety. At the same time, the reduced population will keep staff and inmates safer during this pandemic.


The Offer Highlights

The free version of Vant4gePoint™ will give you:

  • • The industry-proven Static Risk Assessment (SRA)
  • • Critical insights into the risk level of each subject 
  • • A validated way to identify lower offenders quickly, easily, and reliably
  • • The ability to support informed, objective decisions that will keep your population and your community safer
  • • A security-focused platform with CJIS-conformant software deployed in Microsoft’s Azure Government cloud

While the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, Vant4ge is an industry leader in leveraging technology to help corrections administrators in times of crisis. We’re here to help.


How to Get Started

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